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Your Script. Our Voice. Think of Voice Scouts as your Voice Over Boutique where you can find the Perfect Voice Talent for your project. Voice Scouts saves you precious time by suggesting a handful of select talent. With decades of experience, finding the right voice for your words is what we do best. So let’s get started. Let’s find your voice.

Know what you already want? You’re welcome to browse through our roster of Voice Talent or contact us and describe your project and we’ll get you started. It’s that easy.


What is Voice Scouts?

Voice Scouts is a nationally recognized talent agency and casting service, providing voice talent for the radio, TV and multi-media industries.  With well over 30 years of combined industry experience, Voice Scouts works with clients around the country and both union and non-union nationwide talent.

- Becky Wilmes, Founder

A Young woman in a recording studio

How Voice Scouts Operates

We will suggest a handful of people for your project, based upon your description of the project — and they will all be appropriate, talented, and available for your project.

We do not participate in cattle calls.
We won’t ask you to do our job by forcing you to go through dozens of auditions or demos.
We employ technology that makes us easy to use anywhere in the country.



Describe your project or send us a script. We’ll discuss options, make suggestions and send demos or arrange customized auditions.

The Talent

We’ll contact the talent, negotiate, and bill for the talent portion of your project. The price you are quoted is exactly what you will be billed.

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